We partner with high-potential organizations that share our commitment to measuring success by more than just money. We are committed to enriching the lives of all we impact and never compromise core values in pursuit of profits.


We offer entrepreneurs the proper combination of expertise, skills, and resources necessary to position and lead an organization through rapid, sustained growth and profitability. While we employ a standard methodology, our assistance varies greatly between portfolio companies (depending on needs) and always heavily leverages subject matter experts, strategic partners, and industry best practices.

The following are core activities we perform in order to ensure our portfolio companies capitalize on available windows of opportunity and realize their full market potential:

    We learn your goals and then develop and execute a plan to achieve them.
    We connect you to proven operators, industry experts, and capital sources while identifying and building key relationships with high-value individuals & organizations.
    We don’t just tell you what to do; we work with you in an operational capacity to rapidly achieve desired objectives.


We believe that running a successful business means more than just making money.
We recognize that the best managed organizations increase value to each stakeholder by design.

We affirm this conviction through our establishment of Begich Capital Partners, Inc. as an Alaska Benefit Corporation. We recognize that the alignment of shareholder value with community and environmental impact is critical to meaningful and lasting success for any corporation.

Shared Value


Bob Lowrance
Mark Begich

Mark Begich is the president and CEO of Northern Compass Group, LLC. Over the last 40 years as a businessman, he has been an entrepreneur, CEO and led creative startups. Mr. Begich is experienced in commercial and residential real-estate, retail sales, travel & tourism, business consulting, mergers & acquisitions of public utilities and privately held companies, corporate restructuring, business turnarounds, vending and distribution, capital-raising, joint ventures and equity...

Bob Lowrance
Bob Lowrance

Bob Lowrance is an industry “generalist” with a broad background including: technology, transportation, manufacturing & distribution, financial services, real estate, and professional services, as well as serving as the chief executive for several successful entrepreneurial ventures. His extensive expertise within the areas of distressed, transitional, and emerging growth organizations provides solid and effective strategies that produce results, every time...

Bob Lowrance
Nicholas Begich III

Nicholas Begich III brings twenty years of business management, early stage investing, and new business formation experience to Begich Capital Partners. Begich delivers expertise in executive leadership, operations, technology, marketing, and financial modeling. He is the Founder & current Chairman of FarShore Partners (www.farshore.com), an international software development firm. Founded in 2006, FarShore has grown from 1 part-time employee to over 120 full-time employees within 4 locations (Anchorage, Chicago, Zagreb, and Madurai)...

"First say to yourself what you would be; then do what you have to do."